10 characteristics Of Titanium Pipe

♦ 1, the density is small, high strength, metal titanium density of 4.51G / ㎝ 3, higher than aluminum and lower than steel, copper, nickel, but higher than the strength of aluminum and high strength alloys.

♦ 2, low elastic modulus, titanium elastic modulus at room temperature for 106.4GMPa, 57% of steel.

♦ 3, the thermal conductivity is small, the thermal conductivity of titanium is small, is 1/5 of low carbon steel, copper 1/25.

♦ 4, the tensile strength and its yield strength close.

♦ 5, non-magnetic and non-toxic, titanium is a non-magnetic metal, will not be magnetized in a large magnetic field, non-toxic and have good compatibility with human tissue and blood, so that the medical profession is employed.

♦ 6, strong tensile properties, titanium metal is subjected to mechanical vibrations, the vibration power, compared to steel, copper metal, which itself longest vibration damping. The use of titanium performance can do tuning fork, medical ultrasonic shuffler vibration components and high-level audio speakers such as vibration film.

♦ 7, good heat resistance, the new titanium alloy can be used in 600 ℃ or higher temperature for long time.

♦ 8, low temperature performance, a titanium alloy TA7 (Ti-5Al-2.5Sn), TC4 (Ti-6Al-4V), and Ti-2.5 Zr-1.5Mo, represented by a low temperature alloy, the strength improves as the temperature decreases, but the plastic change is not big. It can maintain good ductility and toughness in the -196-253 ℃ low temperature, to avoid the metal cold brittle, it is ideal material of low temperature containers, tanks and other equipment.

♦ 9, suction performance, titanium is a very lively chemical nature of the metal, it can react with many elements and compounds at high temperatures. Titanium suction mainly refers to the high temperature and carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen react.

♦ 10, corrosion resistance, titanium is a very lively metal, the equilibrium potential is very low, the thermodynamic corrosion in the medium tend to large, but in fact titanium in many media is very stable, such as titanium in the oxidation, Weak reduction and other media is corrosion-resistant. This is because titanium and oxygen with a great affinity, in the air or oxygen-containing medium, the titanium surface to produce a layer of dense, strong adhesion, inert oxide film to protect the titanium matrix is not corrosive. Even if the mechanical wear will soon be self-healing or re-regeneration. This indicates that titanium is a metal with a strong passivation tendency. The dielectric film temperature of 315 ℃ below the titanium oxide film always maintain this feature.

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