What is the use of titanium tube? What is the application?

Titanium tube is mainly used for the production of aircraft engine compressor parts, followed by rockets, xx and high-speed aircraft structural parts. In the mid-1960s, titanium and its alloys were used in general industry for the manufacture of electrodes in the electrolysis industry, condensers for power stations, heaters for oil refining and desalination, and environmental pollution control devices. Titanium and its alloys have become a corrosion resistant structural material. In addition to the production of hydrogen storage materials and shape memory alloys.

titanium tubeTitanium tube is a new important structural material used in the aerospace industry. The specific gravity, strength and operating temperature are between aluminum and steel, but it is higher than the strength and has excellent resistance to seawater corrosion and ultra-low temperature. 1950, the United States for the first time in the F-84 fighter-bombers used as a fuselage insulation board, wind shield, tail cover and other non-bearing components. 60 years began to use the titanium alloy parts from the rear fuselage to the fuselage, part of the structural steel instead of box, beam, flap slide and other important bearing components. Titanium alloy in the military aircraft in the rapid increase in the amount of aircraft structure to achieve the weight of 20% to 25%. 70 years, the civil machine began to use a large number of titanium, such as Boeing 747 aircraft with titanium amounted to more than 3640 kg. Mach number less than 2.5 aircraft Titanium is mainly used to replace steel to reduce the weight of the structure. Another example, the United States SR-71 high-altitude high-speed reconnaissance aircraft (flying Mach number 3, flying height of 26212 meters), titanium accounted for 93% of the aircraft structure weight, known as “all titanium” aircraft.

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